Extraction Department of Myanma Timber Enterprise manages ECBT camps in Myanmar.

No, all elephants do not engage in extraction activities. There are over 3000 elephants under the management of MTE and only (40) percent engage in extraction activities because the age class for working elephants in extraction activities is between 18 and 60 years old in Myanmar. Not only the rest of elephants outside of that age class such as baby elephants and old and retired elephants but also disabled, unhealthy and pregnant elephants do not engage in extraction activities.

No. We founded our ECBT camps with the purpose of elephant conservation, enhancing national income from ecotourism, and providing alternative job opportunities for our elephants and staff.

MTE Elephants receive vaccination for Anthrax once a year, vaccination for haemorrhagicspeticaemia (HS) twice a year and examination of worms and if necessary deworming twice a year. MTE also provides 30 viss of ripe tamarind and 15 viss of salt for the elephants every year. There are more than 50 vet and vet assistant, and one elephant hospital under construction in order to give emergency health care and required surgery to elephants.

Dear Sir or Madam, 

All Elephant camps are trying their best. However as my advice, the camp near to you is the best and i would like to advice you to visit our all camps if you have time. Thanks for your attention to our camps. Your attention can conserve our elephants. 
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Myanmar Elephant Camps