What is conservation!!

In Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of conservation stated that conservation is the protection of plants and animals, natural areas, and interesting and important structures and buildings, especially from the damaging effects of human activity. In addition, conservation also carefully using valuable natural substances that exist in limited amounts in order to make certain that they will be available for as long a time as possible.

Why we should focus on Elephant Conservation!!

Asian captive elephant population is dramatically decreased year by year and facing with many problems such as unethical and misusing in tourism industries. Myanmar is the largest captive population owned elephants and Myanma Timber Enterprise are taking care the 50% of captive elephants. On the other hand, in the past, there were 10000 wild elephants in Myanmar. Nowadays, based on experts’ estimation, there are less than 2000 in the wild. All elephants are facing with habitat lost, poaching and illegal trade. This is biggest challenges in elephant conservation. In the captive world, the new emergence disease such as Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus is also the big issue for the survival of juvenile. If we don’t focus elephant conservation in this time, distinct forever like gorilla and mammoth.

What we, MTE are doing Elephant conservation!!!

Releasing Program, A New Hope for Conservation!!

In order to contribute to the conservation of wild elephants in Myanmar, we have launched a Releasing Program in Wingabaw Elephant Camp on 11th July 2018. We initiated program with (6) orphan baby elephants, (2) captive and (4) wild. They are currently in the stage of soft releasing in the electric fences. After they have learned to survive in the wild, they will become a part of the re-wilding program. Our ultimate goal is to maintain & conserve wild elephant population in Myanmar's natural forests. 

An honor to work for Elephant Conservation

As Myanmar Nationals, we love our country, our elephants and it is our duty as citizens to protect our natural resources. Now is the time to Save the Elephant because Extinction is forever.

Myanmar is still a developing country and MTE is still trying to setting up the new structures and approach and now is the time to support from different corners and everyone should involve in this project.

The Elephant Hospital is the Hidden Treasure Conservation project of Myanma Elephant and there are many unsung heroes such as the elephants, their mahouts, the dedicated Elephant Veterinarians and the professional administrators.

For launching this project, we need a lot of support and collaboration for local and international. But, we should try our self by implementing the ecotourism activities without misusing the elephants and with plighting the normal behavior of our treasure.

Another important project in MTE, we are going the devoted project, Mobile Elephant Clinic project for elephant’s health care management. For this project running, we need a lot of budget for patrol, medicine and the salary of staff. For conservation, we need the budget “without income, without conservation and no sustainable”.

MTE is trying to develop the capacity building for the staff which are mahouts and service for tourism. Without qualified mahouts, elephant keeper, oozies, there are no perfect life for elephants. This is key component for elephant ethical tourism.