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MTE & Elephants

Myanma Timber Enterprise(MTE),as a State Owned Organization, contributes to the Nation Income by systematic harvesting of the natural resources from the precious forests.As most of the harvesting is still done at the natural forests, log skidding operation cannot be accomplished without the power of elephants.Harvesting Operation with Elephants is the most well recognized as environmentally friendly operation, also known as Elephant Logging.

To perform the skidding operation, MTE owns more than (3000) Captive Elephants, in which 40% are suitable for workforce of skidding.The rest 60% are not suit for work as they are babies and mothers, pregnant, training, disable, under intensive care and/or aged elephants.Nevertheless, all of their life span is under the care and management of MTE.Every Elephants except babies has his/her own care-taker so called Oozie (Mahout).Therefore, MTE, Elephants and their Oozie and Oozie’ family is tightly bonded as a BIG FAMILY.

Elephant Care

As Elephants are indispensable for MTE, more than 45 of vets and vets assistants are assigned to take care on health of captive elephants as well as wild.

Moreover, three Mobile Elephant Clinic project to carry out the health care activities. This project is not only for stated owned but also for the private ones. Elephants are managed and take medical care in accordance with Instructions and guidelines prescribed at the Departmental Instructions of MTE, Standing Orders for Staff.

Concerning on the decreasing of wild elephants, Human and elephant conflict (HEC) mitigation and anti paching, EERU (Emergency Elephant Response Unit) has being set up by MTE in order to sort out this problem. Therefore, MTE is doing collaboration with the other NGOs, such as International Elephant Foundation, USA, and WWF-Myanmar to protect the wild. Within three years, since 2016, the poaching rate is dramatically decreased in the forest. This is big achievement of MTE in the field of wild elephant conservation by collaboration with other related departments and INGos. 

Development of ECBT Camps

Changes in Government Policy and pressure of media and NGOs on the issues of forest depletion and associated environmental impacts lead to decrease in logging intensity. The income generated by the timber production becomes decline. As an economic state owned organization, MTE has to find out alternative ways of income generation rather than timber production. As MTE owns resource of captive elephants, the sustainable conservation of them is also very much concern to MTE. As a solution, we came up with the idea of establishing Elephant Conservation Based Tourism in Myanmar in order to support the elephants’ welfare, to maintain elephants’ natural jungle habitat and to create job opportunity for local forest dwellers. Our mission is towards the development of green economy by running business with ECBT camps.
So far, there are 18 ECBT camps founded by MTE since 2016.

Objectives of ECBT Camp

  • To promote understanding of the elephants’ habit, behavior and the nature of their habitation in order for the civilians to love and treasure the elephant more
  • To support the conservation of natural landscape and maintain the habitat of elephants through the reforestation programme.
  • To create alternative job opportunities for elephant staff (Mahout) and local community.
  • To provide the nation economy as a part through the income generated by elephant camps introduced as an industry without chimney



Elephants in Asia, Myanma Treasure, Existing Forever

To improve the quality of elephants life as well as Mahouts (Uzi)

Our Mission

Towards the development of Green Economy by running business with Elephant Conservation Based Tourism (ECBT).

Total Elephant Counts

# Class Male Female Total
1 Full Growth 30 53 83
2 Training Claves 67 67 134
3 Claves at heel 16 26 42
Total: 113 146 259